Mesh Wireless Technology

A critical component of the Energy Management Solutions offered by AltaStream, is the connection of the individual, application specific, sensors and control elements through the Em MeshScape Network. This networking system delivers the highest performance in scalability, reliability, responsiveness, and power efficiency.

  • Highest scalability network protocol generates the lowest amount of overhead in the industry.
  • Highest reliability of data delivery from self-organizing and self-healing network where each adjacent node (sensor or router) acts as a primary or secondary route path in transmitting data through the network, ensuring delivery.
  • Highest responsiveness to mobile sensors and dynamic environments, performing discovery at a local level, reducing the number of packets generated, and thus minimizing network latency due to self-healing.
  • Highest power efficient solution allows all nodes to be battery powered, enabling networks to run on coin cell batteries for years.

Radio standard: 802.15.14
Protocol: Mesh Scrape
RF Band: 2.4 GHz
RF Power: 1mW (o dBm)

Components & Operating Ranges

Gateway Node G
Router Node R, to G or R: 100ft
Sensor Mesh Node SM, to SM, G or R: 100 ft
Sensor End Node SE, to SM, G or R: 65 ft

  • Supports 50 Sensor Nodes (SM / SE) per Gateway Node (G).
  • Gateway Node (G) connects to the Em Site Controller and Internet.

Em Intelligent Devices

The wireless sensors on the network of each AltaStream Solution are application specific. Some of the sensors currently used include:

* Wi-Stat (Wireless Thermostat and HVAC Control) is a unique Sensor Device image in the world of remote temperature monitoring and control for existing HVAC systems. Every Wi-Stat is equipped with the capability to manually override temperatures within the range of designated set-points. This design ensures that an implemented energy policy is adhered to, without placing any responsibility on the individual users. Wi-Stats can be wired to most existing 2, 3, 4 and 5 wire heating and cooling thermostats, in a Master/Slave or Peer-to-Peer configuration. These devices can be used in conjunction with one or more Wi-Zone devices in the same thermal zone to improve temperature uniformity throughout the zone.

* imageWi-Zone (Wireless Thermostat and Relative Humidity Sensor) is an indoor/outdoor device for environmental monitoring. It is especially useful in HVAC management solutions where outside temperature is used for setting thermostat set-points, or where additional temperature readings are desired in a given temperature zone. In application, a Wi-Zone unit can be used in retrofit situations where the existing thermostat location is not ideal for controlling thermal comfort within the designated zone.

* imageWi-LEM (Wireless Local Energy Meter) is a real innovation in the world of electrical sub-metering in buildings and has been designed to respond to the emerging requirements of the energy service market. The Wi-LEMs are End Devices and must be connected to the Em Site Controller or a Router Device. This sensor uses a split core current transformer which enables installation without the need to disconnect the primary cables. Wi-LEM provides more information than a traditional sub-meter by measuring active and reactive energy, maximum current and minimum voltage. This sensor is available for 120 and 240 VAC voltage according to the power network configuration (Star or Delta), a frequency of 50/60 Hz, and configured for nominal currents from 5 to 100A.

* imageWi-Pulse (Wireless Electric, Water, or Gas Meter Monitoring) is an Em Intelligent Device that can be positioned on an existing primary meter or a “shadow” meter installed behind the primary. Wi-Pulse is an End Device that must be connected to the Em Site Controller or a Router Device on the MeshScape network. The Wi-Pulse is wired to the pulse output from the meter, providing real-time information in 15 minute intervals.

The patented MeshScapetechnology is the only wireless sensor networking system that can reliably scale to hundreds of nodes with extremely low power consumption – a key requirement of commercial and industrial applications. This wireless system, offers the lowest retrofit installation costs in the industry, especially in buildings where wiring through concrete might be required. The low deployment cost ensures the number of sensing and monitoring points in a building can be maximized. From large commercial buildings to harsh industrial environments, MeshScape is the proven choice for wireless sensor networking.