Installation, Setup and Tuning

All Wireless Mesh Network Components (Sensors, Routers, Gateways, and Controllers) are sized by AltaStream and delivered to the customer with detailed installation manuals. The install process is straightforward and can be performed by the customer’s in-house Maintenance Staff, or by a local AltaStream Partner. After the network is installed, AltaStream’s Monitoring and Control Center will connect over the Internet to the network, test it for proper operation, and perform all required configuration of Sensors and Software, for delivery of an operating monitoring and control solution.

Software-as-a-Service / Managed Service

The entire solution can either be managed by the customer using an Internet Browser and AltaStream Software-as-a-Service, or can be Managed entirely by AltaStream’s Control Center.


The Software-as-a-Service service is provided with basic Internet Training. Additional Internet Training in the operation of the Solution and analysis of the information provided is available.

Energy Management Consulting

AltaStream provides Internet based consulting to help customers develop energy consumption and management programs that can lead increased savings through reductions in unnecessary energy consumption.