All AltaStream Energy Management Solutions consist of three major components and an AltaStream Hosted server:

  1. Em Intelligent Devices
    At the lowest level, Em consists of wireless intelligent devices arranges on a MeshScape Network.  Em Intelligent Devices are simple to install, use and have a low maintenance life cycle. All devices run off very little power and are small enough to fit nearly anywhere. Em Intelligent Devices can be positioned on existing circuits, regardless of location in a building to provide monitoring flexibility. Router Devices are added to extend the network and ensure full radio frequency (RF) coverage. All Em Intelligent Devices are in communication with the Em Site Controller through a patented Persistent Dynamic Routing algorithm, operating on a world-wide license free bands.       The Em patented MeshScape Network enable customers to quickly and cost-effectively deploy a real-time monitoring and control solution that can be managed remotely. This network is highly scalable, self-organizing, self-healing, power efficient, and can support the portability required for using mobile sensors and dynamic systems in buildings.
  2. Em Site Controller
    Network management tasks are performed by the Em Site Controller which is used to minimize traffic, collect data, and connect the mesh network to the internet. The browser based Em Interface will show each device that is currently powered-on and the accompanying hop count. The hop count will help to determine if additional Router Devices are required for network robustness. Em Site Controller acts as a data logger and can store this information for days. It will automatically upload the data over the over the internet to the Em Systems Manager. Currently 50 Em Intelligent Devices can be supported by a single Controller.
  3. Em System Manager
    Em System Manager has a web hosted interface that provides control of the Em Intelligent devices. The Em System Manager collects and store logged data from the network and is remotely managed by the AltaStream Hosted Em Server.  The AltaStream Hosted Server works behind the scenes to ensure Em System Manager is always up to date and running smoothly.  The data collected by the Em Site Controller is used to generate reports and analysis of energy consumption.

    Em System Manager is offered as Software-as-a-Service or as and AltaStream Managed Solution and has application specific algorithms for more precise control and analysis of energy consumption.  All information can be downloaded to Microsoft applications, for further analysis and greater documentation flexibility.

    User access to Em System Manager is over the Internet. This mode of access to the application and database offers customers the most current features and functions without any need for updates, thus minimizing the cost of ownership and operation.