Mesh Wireless Technology

Recent developments in “Mesh” Wireless Technology for information networks, is offering significant changes for Energy Management Solutions. Mesh networks offer “real time” information collection for monitoring consumption, and the ability to link this information to specialized computer driven software for automated control, analysis and use optimization. Mesh networks also offer a significant reduction in the investment required for deploying, or retrofitting, Energy Management Solutions. Today, the investment in a Mesh Wireless Energy Management Solution, can typically be recovered from savings in energy consumption, in the first 3 months of usage.

Energy Management

The effective monitoring, control, and optimization of energy consumption and use, has increasingly become an important factor in today’s environmentally-conscious world. The price of energy is constantly increasing and new directives are continuously being put in place to reduce global energy consumption. To date, Energy Management Solutions have typically relied on historic billing or metering information for monitoring energy consumption, and the use of wired networks for control of energy using systems.

Industry Leader

AltaStream Energy Management, is the market leader in “Mesh” Wireless Energy Monitoring and Control Solutions, which make the effective management and optimization of energy consumption and use, a reality, in “real-time”, for single and multi-site building managers. These Solutions measure and display energy use, and provide information and analysis which can generate savings from reduced consumption and use.